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The best land, pastures and cattle for superior meat

The origin makes the difference. That is why at VACUM, a Spanish meat company with a long tradition, we are committed to the selection and marketing of the best Spanish meats.

We are a Spanish company that distributes to the best restaurants and hotels around the world, from Germany, England or Italy, through Qatar or Saudi Arabia, and reaching places like Hong Kong, Macao and much of Southeast Asia.


Our work follows a demanding process to satisfy the most exquisite palates, which begins on our farm in the north of Spain, where we obtain from our own animals beef products of rustic Spanish breeds, one of the most appreciated and exclusive meats in the world.

VACUM selects only the best and that is why we go looking for it wherever it is needed. In addition to our own livestock, every week our team of professionals travels throughout the peninsula choosing the best possible pieces according to their breed, age, diet, grazing area and animal fat.

Selección Vacum
Selección Vacum


An exhaustive selection process that is repeated every week of the year, which ensures our customers a great regularity and homogeneity in the quality of our products.

Our ability to offer superior quality meats throughout the year makes us a trusted supplier for the gourmet sector, to whom we offer a personalized service that always seeks to exceed their expectations.

Sustainable Livestock

We work with ranchers and peninsular cows raised in freedom, fed on natural pastures and with a life full of happiness. We are committed to the encouragement and support of experienced farmers who exclusively raise the best cattle for years.

We found cows over 8 years old. This offers us a meat with a great flavor, juiciness and a high level of marbling which gives us a special texture and flavor.

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