Vacum presents ‘The temples of beef’, a tribute to the restaurants that best transmit our products

Each month Vacum selects restaurants who put their love of meat above all else, and we bring you their story.

Temples of Beef is a tour of those restaurants where love and respect for meat are given top priority. A selection of restaurants from all over Spain in which our product is venerated from the outset, premises that defend the territory and in which the changing of seasons matters. Places of pilgrimage - for any meat lover - that know how to transmit their passion for local and seasonal cuisine.

Each month, in collaboration with Guía Hedonista, we tell the story of one of these shrines of meat, giving a voice to the chefs and restaurant professionals who are responsible for extracting - with the utmost precision and sensitivity - the full flavour of hand-cut, matured meats, or finding the sweet spot of a cut to ensure it loses none of the quintessential characteristics of Vacum meats.

 We will use videos and photo reportages to explain the criteria they use to select their meats, the steps involved in the conservation process and, of course, how they cook the cut so that it reaches the diner with all of its exquisite properties intact. 

Temples of Beef

In addition to this monthly report, our gastronomic experts will help us complete week after week a map of Beef Temples in Spain and abroad so that meat lovers will not miss any of these restaurants. If you are a professional or a foodie and you think you have found a Temple of Beef, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will analyze all the proposals.