Vacum exhibits its meat selection in Ibiza

Vacum cooked up different meats and demonstrated the different maturation processes to both industry professionals and journalists at the restaurant Ses Escoles.

Vacum held a Cooking Day in Ibiza to exhibit itsmeats at a lunch targeting the island's industry professionals and lcoalmedia. The event took place at the Oleoteca Ses Escoles, in SantaEulalia. The attendees were able to savour 9 year old EntrecĂ´te Vacum RubiaGallega, awarded the silver medal at the 2016 World Steak Challenge, the mostimportant meat industy competition in the world. The menu also featured adelicious Rubia Gallega VACUM steak tartare, Rubia Gallega sirloin carpaccioand a Rubia Gallega steak aged for 60 days.