Agrosfera dedicated an entire reportage to Vacum meats

The programme, broadcast on Spain’s TVE channel, visited our cattle in the mountains of León.

Agrosfera - an informative, educational programme made by Televisión Española which covers news from the primary sector, the countryside and the foodstuffs industry - wanted to learn about the origin and attributes of Vacum’s meats. An entire report section of their weekly show was dedicated to our cattle. The television crew visited the mountains of  León, home to a part of our livestock, and captured our cattle-rearing methods  – happy, stress-free cows, the secret to meats of exceptional quality.

Coinciding with a group of Japanese farmers who visited our country with the specific aim of getting to know our cattle, Agrosfera joined us for a day in which our Director, José Rosell, introduced them to the specific factors that distinguish Vacum meats and make it the unique, award-winning meat that it is, with 1 silver and 2 gold medals at the World Steak Challenge.