Vacum held a tasting of steak tartare made from the best meat in the world, at the central market of Valencia

Vacum wanted to celebrate with its clients and the general public after being honoured for the ‘world’s best meat’ at the WorldSteak Challenge 2017, the meat indutry's most important competition.

On September 30th, everyone who came over to Vacum’s stall at the Central Market of Valencia was able to savour a small morsel of Casina steak tartare, the same type of meat that won Vacum the gold medal at the World Steak Challenge.

VACUM thus wanted to invite the public to test the best meat in the world, and celebrate its win earlier this year in London with its customers. The most important meat industry competition in the world,  Vacum was the only Spanish meat producer to win a gold with two of its exquisite pieces: Casina ribeye Casina sirloin.

 On Saturday 30th the public was also able to test out the QR Code-Beef Passport, a system that harnesses the latest technology to allow consumers to follow the entire production chain of a cut, from its origin to its arrival at the Central Market of Valencia. Information that has until now  been unavailable such as where the animal was reared, the cut’s degree of maturation, how many years old it is or who the farmer was.