Solomillo (Barcelona)

Solomillo represents the living expression of the meat tribute. A unique enclave with a privileged location in the heart of cosmopolitan and bustling Barcelona.

Welcomed by the prestigious Alexandra Hotel Curio Collection by Hilton, our meat temple is located between two major arteries of the city: Paseo de Gracia and Rambla de Cataluña.

Seekers of the good product have found in it a place of pilgrimage. A space in which the freedom to decide the grammage, the origin of the meat, the breed, the point of maturation and the method of cooking are only relegated to the diner. So much so, that the lucky one who tastes our cut par excellence, the sirloin, will be able to choose everything -and that means absolutely everything- that surrounds the piece.

This innovative concept is born of the hand of Enrique Valentí, chef whose famed creativity and conceptual freedom catapults to the highest point of understanding and conceiving gastronomy. Thus, a space of cult arises to one on the most prized parts of beef: the sirloin steak.

The races, a la carte and ordered by intensity of flavor

The menu is based on five major races, ordered exclusively by intensity of flavor, more than twenty side dishes and six sauces. Salers, Cherolesa, Friesian -between the most balanced in flavor-, Galician blonde and ox. Grilled or steak tartar, prepared at table.

Manel Castelló, the man in charge of the stove and the hall, together with Jorge Planas, Executive Chef, tells us that the criterion that leads him to select the different races arises from the search for great differences in aromas and flavors. It looks very demanding with the sirloin cuts it receives. So much so, that on many occasions the product was returned  if, after tasting it with the chef, the notes are not completely consistent with their tastes.

In Solomillo, a temple that owes its name to the piece to which it flatters and reveres, the sirloin steak, they confer the highest value on the quality of their cuts of meat. Once they come out of the embers, the only way to serve them is conceived: alone on the plate. The exquisite variety of garnishes -all vegetarian- and sauces that the diner can taste, are always served on the side: in small casseroles, paellas, dishes ... but never in the same dish as the meat. They leave no room for a few flavors, more or less intense, to obscure the flavor of the masterful cut.

Nor does the chef miss any opportunity to incorporate seasonal products into his culinary delicacies. Outside the menu, it is possible to taste delicious options -that'll blow up your mind- such as seasonal mushrooms, grated truffles, or a succulent Friesian carpaccio with ginger and lime prepared at the table in the warmer months of the year. Months in which the restaurant and bar-delicatessen -with a long selection of gins and liquors- come to life on the terrace, a cozy interior patio, so typical of the Ensanche, where to live the authentic culinary experience of real food.