Igueldo (Barcelona)

A Basque that doesn't seem Basque. A restaurant whose deep roots are nourished by the best of Basque-Navarran cuisine, while flouting the more rudimentary, neglected side sometimes associated with villages. 

Igueldo is a slice of the north in Barcelona’s busiest neighbourhood, a place where meat is lovingly and expertly handled, following the traditional care taken of the product in such latitudes.

Igueldo is the result of the best of both regions, Catalonia and the Basque Country; of two people, Ana López Lamadrid and Gonzalo Galbete; and of two very similar visions of gastronomy. Two paths followed in parallel, culminating in this restaurant. Ana began her career in Barcelona, but quickly headed home to her roots in the Basque region. There, she worked for one of the best, Arzak. She learned the basics and continued her journey to Pamplona, where she furthered her training at El Rodero, another superb restaurant that boasts a Michelin star to its name. In the Navarran capital, Ana’s passion for wine was born, and she immersed herself in this world - her guiding light to this day. The fine selection of wines on offer at Igueldo illustrate this to perfection.

Gonzalo studied at the Cookery College of San Sebastián. He worked together with Ana at Arzak for a year. This was the seed of a beautiful friendship which years later would bloom into Igueldo. Gonzalo also worked at El Rodero (Pamplona), before moving to Santiago de Chile to manage a well-known Basque restaurant. He returned to Barcelona and started working at the restaurant Jean Luc Figueras, before opening his own establishment together with Ana. That was over a decade ago now.

At Igueldo, they faithfully retain the essence of Basque cookery, always working with only the best ingredients. The stars of the menu are oak-charcoal grilled meats, in particular the steaks, served with piquillo peppers from Navarra and salad, the sirloin, or the shoulder of kid. Deceptively simple, yet few other eateries can achieve the same perfection as Igueldo. Ana and Gonzalo have the experience to understand the secret to great food preparation: time, the precise heat of the coals, and the accurate eye of the chef who knows that just one minute more will ruin the flavours and texture of such exceptional raw materials. Igueldo is a breath of fresh air, a Temple of Meat that exceeds expectations and is, quite probably, one of the best grills in Barcelona.