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Alejandro del Toro, a pedigree chef for whom quality products are imperative.

Alejandro del Toro was born and raised in the kitchens, to a family with a strong background in the hospitality industry, and of which he represents the fourth generation. After training with some of the best chefs in Spain, he returned to Valencia to fulfil his dream of opening the doors to his eponymous restaurant. Here, since 2001, he has given free rein to his talents, preparing succulent rice dishes, fresh fish, and meats of only the best quality.

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Hendrick Dierendonck, the meat sommelier of Belgium

Hendrick Dierendonck perceives his work as a butcher like that of a craftsman. At his butcher's shop in Nieuwpoort, his Michelin starred restaurant in Carcasse, or at his workshop  in Brussels, the professional skills of today are mixed with traditional knowledge and insight.

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Do you know why we hand cut all of our meats? Besides not splintering the bones, this preserves the meat's true flavour and also avoids the unpleasant taste and smell of the machine.

We have a stall at the Mercado Central de Valencia from which we make home deliveries to the whole of Spain, and where we guarantee that our meat is of the perfect quality for you to enjoy, whenever you like.

 Check the quality and flavour of the ‘Best Meat in the World’ for yourself, with our home delivery service, by ordering online at the Central Market website or by phone on 646 432 871.