Foc, the steak house in Pleta de Mar (Mallorca) 

The best grill house on the Balearics is culinary heaven for devotees of the best produce and unfaltering excellence: wild fish, Vacum meats and a wine cellar that would make you cry.

Temples of Meat was born as an ode to all of those'restaurants where the produce is worshipped from its roots, establishments that cook over coals and where seasonality matters". Well, Foc (the seaside grill house in Pleta de Mar, Luxury Hotel by Nature *****GL in Mallorca) is all this and so much more - it's a grill house in the best sense of the word, paying homage to the purest tradition of open-fire by means of facilities that are among the best of any restaurant in Spain, where the charcoal (from Mallorcan wood) and the flames are the absolute stars of the show - the food served (on this island, with its multitude of cuisines...) is as brave as it is authentic, and follows in the footsteps of other great steakhouses: Etxebarri, Elkano, or Cataria.

A place of unspeakable beauty

Pleta de Mar is the natural extension of Can Simoneta (a family home looking over the bay of Canyamel which is over 140 years old and is without doubt one of the most breathtaking places in Mallorca), a project launched in 2017 with the concept of creating an establishment that combines spectacular suites, an infinity pool of unspeakable beauty and a wonderful steak house: no more than premium meat and the flames to lick it. And no less. The firewood comes from the Finca dels Olors estate, owned by the family; what it boils down to is that the charcoal and the meat are Foc’s DNA, hence this is the perfect place for Vacum meats to fully express themselves. There is a lack of places like this nowadays, in such an avant-garde world: a kitchen where produce is king and a dining room where fish is filleted, Chateaubriand steak is carved or steak tartare is prepared at the table.

 For this article, they prepared us a mature Vacum steak aged for 55 days, cooked to perfection and with notes of charcoal, clean fat, nuts and the slight hint of sweetness achieved with long maturation periods: pure gold! Besides the meat, the table was laden with grilled octopus, scallops, garlic prawns, a selection of cheeses from the island and a memorable selection of wines, another of Foc's virtues

In vino veritas

The menu was created by Nene Garcia, maître at Can Simoneta, and comes to the Asador de Mar at Pleta de Mar at the hand of Pere Gost, sommelier and head waiter in charge of almost 200 fine wines that greet diners as they enter the restaurant: 35 sparkling (many from boutique producers) and a still wine list featuring almost 40% local producers and vintages with limited production. Truth be told, we cannot imagine a better accompaniment for meat of this calibre.