Casa Palet, a hundred years of history and ode to the good product 

Casa Palet is the legacy of a historic local business located in one of Barcelona's neighborhoods: Sant Gervasi. According to customers, in Casa Palet you can find one of the best steaks in Barcelona.

It is run by Alex Palet, third generation of a grocery store originally opened in 1920 by his grandfather. A little more than a decade ago, he decided to move on from his professional life to give free rein to his most trustworthy passion: gastronomy.

It is the moment in which a new and attractive culinary concept is born. Casa Palet is, to this day, a charcuterie with tasting and cooking. The sensation is that of being in a charcuterie, with an extensive exhibition of wines and large sausage counters, selected cheeses and, in the central part, the exposed meat. Vacum steaks with high loin and low loin.

For Alex, the demands on quality standards are clear and undoubted. His meat manifesto is reduced to old cow breed, with high veining and dry aging of approximately 30 days, with a variation margin of 5 days. And the diners are the most legitimate endorsement of the certainty in the election. So much so that beef Short Loin, about 23 kg, hardly lasts four days.

Casa Palet's differential aspect is built on three fronts. First, a product of the finest qualities, above any other possibility. A product traditionally prepared, away from the demolishing boom of nouvelle cuisine without losing the essence of an excellent raw material, where the raw material is 80% of the essence of the dish. The other 20% is the love that the chef puts in. According to customers, in Casa Palet you can find one of the best steaks in Barcelona. And it is the most legitimate demonstration of knowing real quality.

"When clients come, they open the selection menu and ask me about our specialty, I tell them to leave happy. Then, I ask them what they want and assure I will try to do it in the best possible way "

And third, a great care of the diner, the recovery of the chemical disdain between a client and a the owner of a local. Not in vain, Casa Palet has a winery made with more than 350 references to choose from, in constant and gentle innovation by the hand of Alex Palet.

Vacum's steak, one of the iconic jewels of the kitchen, is passed through the fire with special predilection and care. First it is given a sealing stroke on all four sides so that all the juices remain inside the meat, and then it gets filleted in Japanese tataki style, in very thin cuts. Once again compacted, finish the meat with an oven beat of 3-8 min depending on the cooking point. The best? The incontestable adaptability to the weight preferences of the diner. One more of the attractions of this historic establishment.

Like this, Casa Palet is the essence of nearly 100 years of history erected on one place that accumulates gratifying and unique gastronomic experiences. A real space where one can surrender to the best raw material and seasonal product.